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Can you become a holder of more than one payday loan at a time?


You can enjoy applying for our payday loans online because we have made this process easy and comfortable for our customers. Your financial opportunities of making repayment are the basis of our payday loans.

After getting our instant loans once you will definitely return to our company because we appreciate our clients. However, there are some limitations concerning the number of payday loans that can be borrowed by one person simultaneously.

Being a lender who has a license we are setting standards for responsible lending. There are some regulations referring limits on how many loans you can have at the same time and they must be followed by us.

Why can it be impossible to get more than one payday loan?
Some restrictions concerning the amount of loans that can be brought are the following:

1. There can be limitations on the number of loans which you can have in one year
2. The other restriction can be connected to the maximum sum of money that can be borrowed at once
3. There can be a requirement to pay the current loan back fully and only after this you can apply for more cash.

If you need more amount of money though you are already a holder of one payday loan there are alternatives to this kind of loan that can be taken from your lender or other lenders if there is a limitation to have more than one Online Payday Loans: No Credit Check. If your existing payday loan isn’t enough for your current situation you should turn to us and we will solve this problem by considering different alternatives to the payday loan.

How many active payday loans can you apply for?

As a rule, borrowers can have up to 2 immediate loans simultaneously. To get one more additional loan there are some definite credit criteria. In a case of having paid during 12 months successfully you will be able to apply for one more loan. There are situations when our customers are able to have the right for getting the second loan before the period of 1 year. After having made monthly compensation successfully you will need to fill out the new additional application.

How to know that you are eligible to apply for one more loan?
There are situations when you can choose the variant of combining your current loan and a new borrowing. In such case, the total sum of your borrowing must be from $1,000 to $25,000.

What do you need to apply online:

• To become our client who wants to get a loan
• To have a loan only by your name which means that it is not a joint loan

The amount of money that will be available for you and what rates you will have will depend on your individual circumstances.
If you still have some questions then don’t hesitate to refer to our website where we are ready to help you during 24 hours a day and 7 days per week.

How to get extra money?

Our aim is to help you with your problems. So if you have already applied for our loan, you may have the possibility to become the holder of a separate loan or the other opportunity is having a combination of today’s loan and the new one you want to get
After having applied online, you have the privilege of instant transfer of your payday loan to your bank account.





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